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I tried not to complain about the new anime for SO LONG

cause i thought we were gonna get it as a fucking christmass present, or a new years present and NOW I’M PISSED.


3 Jan  8

I hate when people in fanfic or w/e say that Mamoru only loves Sailor Moon, or he only loves the Princess. Because it’s not fair. I mean, aside from Princess Serenity, Usagi is Sailor Moon, and she’s Queen Serenity, and part of her is the Princess, but that’s not her only definer.

Just like he’s Mamoru, and Endymion, and Tuxedo Mask, and Moonlight Knight. He’s all of them, not just one. The girls are both their civilian names, and their senshi names, and their princess planet names.

They’re all of them and none of them. They’re just people with different outfits and titles.


1 Jan  2

ifyouresosmart  whispered: I've wondered, are you the cosplayer in your avatar/blog design?

Oh gosh no, I wish I was that pretty. 

The credit is in my sidebar, it’s the second lightest colored bar from the right, it takes you to their DA page…..

actually here is the link. !!!

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so the point of this movie is that Ryan gosling could do anything and I would bang him, right? Cause that’s what is happening. He was just eating fucking pizza god damn.




Love when I see good Prince Endymion Cosplays <3 



A months-old Superman drawing which seemed appropriate for folks being so kind to me today.


Yeah, if Shingo ever finds out who the Senshi are, that’s basically going to be his worst day ever.

Elsa. I’m sorry I fucked up your hair so bad. Forgive me baby. But you’re so sultry, I can’t not draw you.

31 Dec  3


I know everyone was really excited about it, but I don’t think La Reconquista was a very good myu.

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Idina’s “fuck this, I’m out” trio.


hey kid let me in, I’m a moon prince

He’s climbin in yo windows
snatching yo’ crystals up